I’m the ‘K’ in Jai & K's Turning Pages Book Reviews. My real name is KayCee K. I wasn’t always a fan of reading until my mom showed me all different kinds of stories; once that happened I was hook.
I’m the kind of person that has so many reading lists that I can keep track of all of them. I love finding a book that I can easily get lost in; one that takes you in and takes you on a journey with the characters. I give anything a chance, “never judge a book by its cover”. Other then reading, I love to write. I’m also a sucker for a good T.V. show.
I’m the oldest of two brothers and two sisters. I’m from Coos Bay, Oregon, but live in Idaho. In my life I have done quite a lot of traveling I’ve traveled to more the 25 different states, Canada and the Yukon too. I believe in following you dreams and being yourself; no matter what.
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