Monday, October 28, 2013

The Messenger by Mindy Haig

The Messenger by Mindy Haig is available at many eBooks stores. (Links below) The Messenger is a 69 page book published by Breakwater Harbor Books in June 24, 2013. This book is mythology and Christian religions.
In Albany, Georgia around in the 1960’s and time of Martin Luther King Jr. A mission I (Sammael) would have the chance to redeem himself. A small redemption means a lot to him as to the one he wronged so many years ago; the only soul he’s meant more then once in a life time. But in the world he now lives in is different then the one he knew. He wishes to see his father’s (a child of God who was cast out for being imperfect) work in the working and see it for himself and the chance to embrace a new life and to with sustain The Messenger. But while doing that it may not go the way he thought; would then leave him wishing for something total different.
I found this to be a good read; its only 69 pages witch is a quick read but is worth it. I love the wittiness, Southern drawl, classic dialogue between the characters. But what I enjoyed most was how Sammael, deals with similar struggles as mortals. I enjoyed how it isn’t just a Christian story but I love story. This is a book that is more deep then you think but once you start read you’ll not won’t to put it down. 


Friday, October 18, 2013

Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) by BJ Avilla


Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) by BJ Avilla is 210 pages Kindle eBook. September 21, 2013. As on right now it is on sale for$2.99.               This story is based on given historical facts, religious theories but is a fictional story by the author. This imaginative story follows a man named Thomas Collins. He has a wife named Irene. Thomas is a P.I.R.A. (Provisional Irish Republican Army’s) Hero. Thomas developed a weapon and all his moves are being watch by the U.S. As the story goes there is a new Jewish Kingdom build and they retrieved Excalibur (The King Arthur sword). As the end comes Thomas as a reincarnation of King Arthur fights against the U.S. In addition, this story is military and political secret information mainly based on the U.S.

            Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) by BJ Avilla is full historical facts. Throughout, the story there is footnotes. By clinking on the notes it gives you information and truth facts. With the footnote they are there for you to help you understand and learn about the historical facts and religious theories.

            At first this story was a bit hard to follow (I’m not use to this style) but as I read more I found it very interesting. I’m a fan of any story that has anything to do with King Arthur so that was one of my favorite parts. I found the more I read the easier it was to follow and the more I enjoyed the story. The twist and turn are written into the right places. Also, the parts of have historical facts and religious theories are so that you’re learning about the theories. There is a lot to take away from this story. Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) is well written and is an enjoyable story for any one who is a history buff.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Your Room

In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg was published October 1st 2008. This is Jordanna’s first book.
    In Your Room follows Molly and Charlie as they spend there summer in each others room. Molly’s mother remarries and they are taking Molly to Boulder, Colorado where her mother and her new stepfather our spending there honeymoon. While Charlie finds out his family, his two mothers and sisters are spending the summer in L.A. Molly’s stepfather and Charlie’s mom are college buddies; so they made planes to swop houses for the summer. What happens when Molly and Charlie start talking? Will feelings began to develop as they spend a summer in each others room, in each others shoes.
    I found this story to be a good read. I was a bit quick read for me but I love how Molly, who’s into fashion get to spend her summer in a mountain town. When Charlie, and bike riding mountain boy has to spend his summer in L.A in a girl room. Then they start sending each other messages telling them about some of there favorite place. It’s a cute story that young girls will enjoy reading.


Friday, September 27, 2013


     Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was published on October 5, 2005. It’s the first book in the Twilight Sage. Also one of Publishers Weekly's "Best Children's Books of 2005" Has sold over 100 million copies and has been translation into 37 different languages.
     Twilight is a vampire-romance for young adult. The first book follows the life of Isabella Swan; who goes by Bella. Bella makes the choice to move to Forks Washington, with her father; when her mother goes on the road with her new husband. She hasn’t been to Forks in years and doesn’t like the rainy cold weather; witch is what Forks is known for. She believes her life will be dull and boarding. But when she arrives there everyone knows whose she is before she even tells them; as news travels fast. Bella believes she’s not going to like it but when she meets Edward, her life gets turned up side down. Through out the book two unlikely people fall in love; a human and vampire. Her life becomes a danger ride when they fight to keep her safe. While she fights to keep him with her. This story is has everything a vampire loving, suck for a love story teen would like.
            I read this story before the movies where even out. I fell in love with characters whose personalities are strongly throughout the book. Twilight is my favorite book out of the series because of the wittiness between the characters, the danger and all the ‘what if’s’. I found it to be well written and have a strong beginning, middle, and ending. I enjoyed reading about Bella learning about the vampire world. The ending left me happy but also with unanswered questions.  


Snail Mail No More

     Snail Mail No More is the Sequel to the book P.S. Longer Letter Later. Was published March 1st 2000; by , Ann M. Martin
    This 320 pages book takes you once again on the journey between Elizabeth and Tara*Starr who started writing letter after Tara moved. The girl soon found it hard writing and mailing letters ‘snail mail’ way. So when each girl gets there own computer, they said gone by to there old ways and hello to email and IM. These two girls slowly start to drift apart but the death of one of the girl’s father brings them back to each others. Their friend ship gets tested, school and family problems; these girls learn how importation there friendship really is. 

      I was happy when I leaned that there was a sequel to P.S. Longer Letter Later and couldn’t wait to see what this story had in plan for Elizabeth and Tara. But looking back I see that I really did enjoy this story just as much as I did back then. I also believe that it’s a good story for any girl whose friendship is being test or looking for a good read. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

P.S. Longer Letter Later


P.S. Longer Letter Later (Elizabeth and Tara*Starr #1) by Paula Danziger, Ann M. Martin. Was published on May 1, 1998.

Elizabeth and Tara are best friends who learn that Tara*Starr, who loves to be the center of attention, is moving to a different town. While Elizabeth, the shy one, is staying behind. The girls decide to keep their friendship alive by writing letters between each others. The book follows year-long letter journey between these two twelve-year-old girls. Elizabeth thinks her life is going to be boring and lonely. Tara is afraid she won’t make friends and be alone. Life gives the girls, new friends, boys, family problems and school. The girls learn that there friendship will be tested more then they ever imagine. These chain of letters follows there ups and downs of the girl’s new lives.

For me, this was my first two author story I read. I enjoyed the middle and ending of the story better then the start witch was a bit slow. I like how the friend ship is tested and the girls looked for each other help. When I read this story I could relate to it because at the time I was going though the same thing. I had just moved and my friend and I were writing letters back and forth. I also loved how each of the girls had different personality and there ‘letters’ had different writing styles. 





Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

Older Cover

Tiger Eyes is a young adult novel written by Judy Blume in 1981. It’s a Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award, An ALA Best Book for Young Adults. As well as a major motion picture.
Even though this story has violent and crime it’s not the whole center of this story. It’s about Davey who has to deal with life after her father death. Davey, her mother and younger brother visit relatives in New Mexico. As Davey tries to deal with her new life when she meets a young guy named Wolf; when Wolf asks Davey what her name was she said Tiger. Later he says her eyes look sad. Wolf helps Davey deal with her new life. He helps her over come her fears, problems and shows her she has strength to over come her problems.
This 224 page book was one of the first few books my mother told me about that got my hooked on reading. I feel in love with this story because it’s written well. The characters and the plot are captivating. Davey, wolf, her brother and mothers are few of the reasons why this story is still popular in to day’s world. I think that this story teaches people that they can over come there problems. Tiger Eyes is differently a must read for anyone who enjoys a story about a young girl who learns to deal with life and the problems that may come with it.

~ K
New Cover



Saturday, August 24, 2013


Elsewhere by Gabriell Zevin published in 2005.
Elsewhere follows fifteen-year-old Liz Hall after she has died; after waking up after her death on a ship is the last of what Liz so calls problems. The ship lands at a place called Elsewhere; where the dead go. There's no sickness, it's quite and beautiful. Also Liz's grandmother is there; so what is Liz’s problem. In this magical place you age backwards. Which means Liz will never get her sweet sixteen or her driver’s license. Finish high school or college. But she does get to kiss her plans and old life goodbye. 
Liz now gets to relive the ages she's already over come. Until she returns to Earth as a new baby who won't remember anything. Will Liz take the chance and embrace her new life? 
Well I can say at first I wasn't sure I would enjoy this book but I did. So much that I have told quite a few people that it’s a must read. Anyone who likes a story that is filled with grief, love and new chances will enjoy this story.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Jinx by Meg Cabot

                                                                     (New Cover)                                               (Old Cover)

    Jinx was written by Meg Cabot and came out in July 31, 2007 

published by HarperCollins. She got the idea because of her 

family history of witchcraft. Her family is a legend that leads 

back seven granddaughters seconded from a healer who might have 

been one of the last few women burned at the stake for 

witchcraft. Inspired from her family 'Jinx' was nominated for 

YALSA in 2008.

Jean Honeychurch has the nickname Jinx. Why? She's is more then 

just unlucky and not one of choice. Jean a.k.a Jinx goes as 

stays with relatives in New York when trouble from home comes 

down. But, even there bad luck and misfortune follows her. Her 

cousin, Tory, wants nothing to do with Jinx or her bad luck. 

Although, when Tory's crush, Zack, begins to pay more attention 

to Jinx; Tory has no choice but to pay attention. However, Zack 

the city boy has secrets if his own and worlds of trouble. Just 

when Jinx thinks she's hit the bad luck of all, she begins to 

think maybe I'm jinx, maybe I am a witch! This jinx maybe the 

only thing that can save her life!


I found 'Jinx' to be a great read that I have told may people 

to read. It has mystery, romance, and magic; everything I love 

to find in a book. The characters and story plot is well 

written. So if you like a book that you'll never tell what's 

coming next then grab 'Jinx' and start reading.  

Reviewed By: KayCee

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