Monday, October 28, 2013

The Messenger by Mindy Haig

The Messenger by Mindy Haig is available at many eBooks stores. (Links below) The Messenger is a 69 page book published by Breakwater Harbor Books in June 24, 2013. This book is mythology and Christian religions.
In Albany, Georgia around in the 1960’s and time of Martin Luther King Jr. A mission I (Sammael) would have the chance to redeem himself. A small redemption means a lot to him as to the one he wronged so many years ago; the only soul he’s meant more then once in a life time. But in the world he now lives in is different then the one he knew. He wishes to see his father’s (a child of God who was cast out for being imperfect) work in the working and see it for himself and the chance to embrace a new life and to with sustain The Messenger. But while doing that it may not go the way he thought; would then leave him wishing for something total different.
I found this to be a good read; its only 69 pages witch is a quick read but is worth it. I love the wittiness, Southern drawl, classic dialogue between the characters. But what I enjoyed most was how Sammael, deals with similar struggles as mortals. I enjoyed how it isn’t just a Christian story but I love story. This is a book that is more deep then you think but once you start read you’ll not won’t to put it down.