Monday, October 28, 2013

The Messenger by Mindy Haig

The Messenger by Mindy Haig is available at many eBooks stores. (Links below) The Messenger is a 69 page book published by Breakwater Harbor Books in June 24, 2013. This book is mythology and Christian religions.
In Albany, Georgia around in the 1960’s and time of Martin Luther King Jr. A mission I (Sammael) would have the chance to redeem himself. A small redemption means a lot to him as to the one he wronged so many years ago; the only soul he’s meant more then once in a life time. But in the world he now lives in is different then the one he knew. He wishes to see his father’s (a child of God who was cast out for being imperfect) work in the working and see it for himself and the chance to embrace a new life and to with sustain The Messenger. But while doing that it may not go the way he thought; would then leave him wishing for something total different.
I found this to be a good read; its only 69 pages witch is a quick read but is worth it. I love the wittiness, Southern drawl, classic dialogue between the characters. But what I enjoyed most was how Sammael, deals with similar struggles as mortals. I enjoyed how it isn’t just a Christian story but I love story. This is a book that is more deep then you think but once you start read you’ll not won’t to put it down. 


Friday, October 18, 2013

Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) by BJ Avilla


Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) by BJ Avilla is 210 pages Kindle eBook. September 21, 2013. As on right now it is on sale for$2.99.               This story is based on given historical facts, religious theories but is a fictional story by the author. This imaginative story follows a man named Thomas Collins. He has a wife named Irene. Thomas is a P.I.R.A. (Provisional Irish Republican Army’s) Hero. Thomas developed a weapon and all his moves are being watch by the U.S. As the story goes there is a new Jewish Kingdom build and they retrieved Excalibur (The King Arthur sword). As the end comes Thomas as a reincarnation of King Arthur fights against the U.S. In addition, this story is military and political secret information mainly based on the U.S.

            Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) by BJ Avilla is full historical facts. Throughout, the story there is footnotes. By clinking on the notes it gives you information and truth facts. With the footnote they are there for you to help you understand and learn about the historical facts and religious theories.

            At first this story was a bit hard to follow (I’m not use to this style) but as I read more I found it very interesting. I’m a fan of any story that has anything to do with King Arthur so that was one of my favorite parts. I found the more I read the easier it was to follow and the more I enjoyed the story. The twist and turn are written into the right places. Also, the parts of have historical facts and religious theories are so that you’re learning about the theories. There is a lot to take away from this story. Intelligence Code (Arena of Great Heroes) is well written and is an enjoyable story for any one who is a history buff.