Thursday, September 26, 2013

P.S. Longer Letter Later


P.S. Longer Letter Later (Elizabeth and Tara*Starr #1) by Paula Danziger, Ann M. Martin. Was published on May 1, 1998.

Elizabeth and Tara are best friends who learn that Tara*Starr, who loves to be the center of attention, is moving to a different town. While Elizabeth, the shy one, is staying behind. The girls decide to keep their friendship alive by writing letters between each others. The book follows year-long letter journey between these two twelve-year-old girls. Elizabeth thinks her life is going to be boring and lonely. Tara is afraid she won’t make friends and be alone. Life gives the girls, new friends, boys, family problems and school. The girls learn that there friendship will be tested more then they ever imagine. These chain of letters follows there ups and downs of the girl’s new lives.

For me, this was my first two author story I read. I enjoyed the middle and ending of the story better then the start witch was a bit slow. I like how the friend ship is tested and the girls looked for each other help. When I read this story I could relate to it because at the time I was going though the same thing. I had just moved and my friend and I were writing letters back and forth. I also loved how each of the girls had different personality and there ‘letters’ had different writing styles.