Sunday, September 29, 2013

In Your Room

In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg was published October 1st 2008. This is Jordanna’s first book.
    In Your Room follows Molly and Charlie as they spend there summer in each others room. Molly’s mother remarries and they are taking Molly to Boulder, Colorado where her mother and her new stepfather our spending there honeymoon. While Charlie finds out his family, his two mothers and sisters are spending the summer in L.A. Molly’s stepfather and Charlie’s mom are college buddies; so they made planes to swop houses for the summer. What happens when Molly and Charlie start talking? Will feelings began to develop as they spend a summer in each others room, in each others shoes.
    I found this story to be a good read. I was a bit quick read for me but I love how Molly, who’s into fashion get to spend her summer in a mountain town. When Charlie, and bike riding mountain boy has to spend his summer in L.A in a girl room. Then they start sending each other messages telling them about some of there favorite place. It’s a cute story that young girls will enjoy reading.