Friday, September 27, 2013


     Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was published on October 5, 2005. It’s the first book in the Twilight Sage. Also one of Publishers Weekly's "Best Children's Books of 2005" Has sold over 100 million copies and has been translation into 37 different languages.
     Twilight is a vampire-romance for young adult. The first book follows the life of Isabella Swan; who goes by Bella. Bella makes the choice to move to Forks Washington, with her father; when her mother goes on the road with her new husband. She hasn’t been to Forks in years and doesn’t like the rainy cold weather; witch is what Forks is known for. She believes her life will be dull and boarding. But when she arrives there everyone knows whose she is before she even tells them; as news travels fast. Bella believes she’s not going to like it but when she meets Edward, her life gets turned up side down. Through out the book two unlikely people fall in love; a human and vampire. Her life becomes a danger ride when they fight to keep her safe. While she fights to keep him with her. This story is has everything a vampire loving, suck for a love story teen would like.
            I read this story before the movies where even out. I fell in love with characters whose personalities are strongly throughout the book. Twilight is my favorite book out of the series because of the wittiness between the characters, the danger and all the ‘what if’s’. I found it to be well written and have a strong beginning, middle, and ending. I enjoyed reading about Bella learning about the vampire world. The ending left me happy but also with unanswered questions.