Saturday, August 24, 2013


Elsewhere by Gabriell Zevin published in 2005.
Elsewhere follows fifteen-year-old Liz Hall after she has died; after waking up after her death on a ship is the last of what Liz so calls problems. The ship lands at a place called Elsewhere; where the dead go. There's no sickness, it's quite and beautiful. Also Liz's grandmother is there; so what is Liz’s problem. In this magical place you age backwards. Which means Liz will never get her sweet sixteen or her driver’s license. Finish high school or college. But she does get to kiss her plans and old life goodbye. 
Liz now gets to relive the ages she's already over come. Until she returns to Earth as a new baby who won't remember anything. Will Liz take the chance and embrace her new life? 
Well I can say at first I wasn't sure I would enjoy this book but I did. So much that I have told quite a few people that it’s a must read. Anyone who likes a story that is filled with grief, love and new chances will enjoy this story.