Friday, August 23, 2013

Jinx by Meg Cabot

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    Jinx was written by Meg Cabot and came out in July 31, 2007 

published by HarperCollins. She got the idea because of her 

family history of witchcraft. Her family is a legend that leads 

back seven granddaughters seconded from a healer who might have 

been one of the last few women burned at the stake for 

witchcraft. Inspired from her family 'Jinx' was nominated for 

YALSA in 2008.

Jean Honeychurch has the nickname Jinx. Why? She's is more then 

just unlucky and not one of choice. Jean a.k.a Jinx goes as 

stays with relatives in New York when trouble from home comes 

down. But, even there bad luck and misfortune follows her. Her 

cousin, Tory, wants nothing to do with Jinx or her bad luck. 

Although, when Tory's crush, Zack, begins to pay more attention 

to Jinx; Tory has no choice but to pay attention. However, Zack 

the city boy has secrets if his own and worlds of trouble. Just 

when Jinx thinks she's hit the bad luck of all, she begins to 

think maybe I'm jinx, maybe I am a witch! This jinx maybe the 

only thing that can save her life!


I found 'Jinx' to be a great read that I have told may people 

to read. It has mystery, romance, and magic; everything I love 

to find in a book. The characters and story plot is well 

written. So if you like a book that you'll never tell what's 

coming next then grab 'Jinx' and start reading.  

Reviewed By: KayCee

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