Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One Realm Beyond Review

One Realm Beyond

My Review
The line "With the help of his new friends Bixby and Dukmee, Cantor must uncover the secrets of the corrupt guild before they become too powerful to be stopped." is what pulled me in when I first read the blurb of this book. I enjoyed it. This story has  imaginative ideas that I liked reading. The Character would have to be the best part of the book. The Author know's them. (Sometime when reading I feel the author doesn't not the character as well as they know the plot.) But this book the Character development is spot on. The sitting of the story is one many will enjoy in this world. I found not wanting to put it down. I did how ever find some spots to be a big slow but that was just part of the storytelling of its pages building up to faster pacing parts. Bixby is my favorite hands down, I was a multiple layers girl once in my life. I'm not going to go in deep I'm not wanting to spill beans here. It was a magic read that I hope to re-read here soon. Book two will be on my "To Read List" Review Thanks to Book Look for giving me this copy to review!

P.S. Can I just say how amazing this cover it! It's sick! Love it!