Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Expressions & Phraseology of Love Book Blog Tour

Blurb: My poetry has been an escape from the harsh reality of tragedy, loneliness, dark and scary times in my life. My thoughts, feelings and emotions that are expressed through my poems speak of who I am and where I came from being a young girl growing up in the mountains of Montana to facing death in the face for the first time when I was 10. My losses have been great, my sorrow has been huge, loneliness has been my friend and lover, but in the end I have conquered and survived. I stand tall, proud and happy today.

A child’s touch
A child’s hand,
Inside of his mother’s hand,
Sweet kisses,
Upon the cheek,

God’s garden,
Full of love,
Jesus’ strength,
To save thee little one

Mother’s glory,
Her child’s smile,
To hear the laughter,
To wipe away the tears,

God’s garden,
Full of love,
Jesus’ strength,
To save thee little one

Live simply
                                          Dream big
                                                            Be grateful
                                          Give love
                                                            Laugh lots
Live as easy as possible,
         Less worries,
Dream and dream BIG,   
                                   Jump for the stars and never stop

Gratefulness is the gift Jesus gave us on the cross, and for us to be grateful for Him and everything we have in life….

LOVE is the mystery of the world,
                   Nobody has the correct answers
                               So stop searching for them

Live, laugh, love
  Life is for you
Live it well
     Laugh with friends
Love is in your palm
Love, grasp it and never let it go

Bio:  J. Bowers was born in Whitefish, Montana in 1972. She was raised in Eureka, Montana most of her younger years. She was the youngest of four children and is the only surviving girl. J. attended Rexford Elementary School her kindergarten year and the following year she transferred to Eureka Elementary School where she graduated from the eighth grade in 1987. She attended Lincoln County High School until her junior year when she moved from Eureka to Medford, Oregon with her mother and stepfather. Her mother passed away in January 1991, and J. soon got married and started a family. She was married for 21 years and had five children. She lost a daughter to SIDS in March 1994. J. has recently become divorced and is raising her two boys with her daughter's help. J.'s youngest son suffers from Autism. J. also suffers from her own disabilities of Fibromyalgia, physical chronic pain, neuropathy, chronic depression and anxiety.
J. was a student at Capella University throughout her writing career when her health permitted her too. She made both the President's and Dean's list for outstanding academic achievements.
J. is published poetess. Her books have been in the top ten bestselling list on Amazon in the past and her current ratings stand at 4.5. She has published the following books: Expressions on Life Book One, Expressions and Letters, Phraseology and Letters, Collection of 25 Days of Christmas Poetry, Poems, Dreams & More, Poetry Is...???, Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness, The Sound of Nature: Collected Poems & Other Writings and soon to be released Fragments, and the re-release of Expressions, and Phraseology of Love, 25 Days of Christmas Poetry.
J. is the owner of Poetry is...which is a blogging business of her own personal poetry, teachings of poetry, journals and other writings. J. is a firm advocate for poetry publishing and writing poetry.

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