Wednesday, January 15, 2014

“Long Tail, Short Tail,” written by Rachael A. Snead

“Long Tail, Short Tail,” written by Rachael A. Snead illustrated by Laurie Barrows. Rachael Snead is a children’s author and poet who lives in Virginia with her husband and adopted son; who’s her source of her creative ideas. She is also a member of the Virginia Writer’s Club.
Mama Chipmunk tells the story of how their Little Squirrel how he/she became a part of their family. How they had what Little Squirrel needed to live a happy life; which is what Mama Squirrel wanted. The book says, “You are my brown baby and I am your grey Mama. I have a long tail and you have a short tail. You have black eyes and I have brown eyes and I will love you ‘till the end of forever.” Talking about how they are different but they love each other no matter what. In the story Papa Chipmunk tells the little Squirrel that it’s okay to be upset and mad. And the Little Squirrel is, but then becomes happy. The illustrations are colorful and well done. They show emotions that children can see and understand. The illustrations show what the writer is telling.
Reading “Long Tail, Short Tail” was a joy. I loved the sweetness in this story. It’s a story that I believe adopted children would love and can understand. Children can relate to and know that they are loved by both sides in this story. The colors in the story work well with the words being read. It’s lovable, cute chipmunk and squirrel story that children of many ages will enjoy hearing.